Kantoor Bockstael (BE)

The task for this accounting office was to create a chic, young, and modern space. We retained the building's characteristic elements in this former bank location, infusing it with modern elements to bring it up to date.



Studio Boud fully renovated and furnished this office space for Bockstael Accounting Office in the center of Aalst, Belgium. The goal was to create a modern and youthful office environment, as the office is located near a university offering an Accountancy program and wanted to attract new personnel for this location. The interior seamlessly aligns with the renewed graphic identity of the office. It was molded into one concept that represents the accounting office.

We achieved this by using contrast and warm tones through wooden flooring and worktops. Subtle touches like a concrete-look wall and the industrial glass partition wall were added for a more robust appearance. The contrast between the concrete-look wall and the brass-finished logo, together with the ring lamps, creates a chic atmosphere.

Less than a year later, we delivered additional furniture as more workspaces were needed, and the mission was a success.

In late 2021, we reached out to Studio Boud to fully renovate our office in Aalst. The entire project had to be completed within a few months. Studio Boud immediately took on this project professionally. From the beginning, everything was clear for all parties involved. Thanks to this, we were able to meet our deadline for opening our second branch in Aalst (BE). We appreciate the structured, no-nonsense approach with an emphasis on high-quality and modern execution. Working in this manner is enjoyable!