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Step into a world of luxury and exclusive residential comfort with Studio Boud. As a specialist in high-end residential interior design, Studio Boud transforms your home dreams into masterpieces of style and comfort. The delicate designs incorporate the client's personal taste, creating unique living spaces that seamlessly align with their lifestyle. With attention to detail and a focus on sustainability, we ensure that the interior maintains its beauty for years to come. Let Studio Boud turn your home into a timeless luxury sanctuary you can enjoy for many years.
Studio Boud is also the partner for top-quality business project furnishing. We understand that the corporate space plays a crucial role in reflecting the brand identity and company culture. Our designs focus on capturing the essence of the company and translating it into visually appealing interiors. With efficient project management, Studio Boud coordinates all aspects of the project, from concept to completion. Whether it's office furnishings, restaurant interiors, or any other business environment, Studio Boud ensures that the space leaves a lasting impression. Trust Studio Boud for high-quality project furnishing that brings the business vision to life.

In addition to our high-quality designs, we place great value on realization. We think along about home automation systems, acoustics, sound systems, optimal layouts and ensure a high quality finish. We do this by planning and executing the renovation ourselves. Our partners, which are carefully selected, act at the highest level in their field. In addition, it is possible to have the furniture designed or purchased by us, customized or not. During the renovation we store the furniture and as soon as the work is finished we immediately continue with the furnishing. In this way we shorten the lead time, save the customer a lot of hassle and avoid the risk that the furniture is not well matched afterwards. Only in this way are our customers guaranteed that everything fits together seamlessly and they receive a true total solution from A to Z.

Meet The Team

As a team, we know each other inside out, and we set high standards, each in our own field of expertise. This results in not only exceeding expectations in design but also in execution. Every day, we strive to do better than the day before.

Ron van den Akker


As an interior designer, I derive the most satisfaction from creating combinations of different styles and materials that surprise the client. Combinations that immediately evoke a sense of fitting them, even if they hadn't thought of it beforehand. I find it beautiful when aesthetic choices grow better the longer you're surrounded by them. For me, a sustainable design is one that brings joy for many years. In addition to ensuring the client's living wishes, I try to push the client just beyond their comfort zone because it's in that place where it becomes that little bit extra, just a bit better than expected.

Kevin van Geffen


My goal is to ensure that every project runs as smoothly as possible while delivering the highest possible quality. Every detail contributes to the end result, which is why I am vigilant about all the specialists we collaborate with. A project can only end well when all parties speak the same language. To achieve this, I demand the highest quality and challenge all parties to think about the best solutions. When the end result exceeds expectations, it gives me a sense of fulfillment.