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This office building will be fresh, hip and very sleek for this young tech company. The wow effect awaits you as soon as you enter here!



We completely transformed this office space spanning nearly 300 square meters across two floors. The space was professionally cleaned and partly demolished. The cubicle-style system walls were replaced with large open office spaces. The partitions installed are mostly made of glass, creating executive offices and meeting rooms. The raised cable trays with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi connections were replaced with an entirely new electrical and lighting plan. All wiring is neatly integrated into the walls, and the heating is recessed into the floor to eliminate the need for radiators. Since it's a media company, extra internet connections were installed so that each workstation has a dedicated connection. The cabling for the speakers is also neatly integrated into the walls. Additionally, preparations were made for the installation of extra charging stations for electric vehicles.
The style is entirely luxurious and modern with a trendy and fresh feel. On the ground floor, a large custom-made kitchen was installed, featuring an eye-catching bar. The bar area is covered with robust leather tiles and has indirect lighting beneath the dark Dekton marble-look countertop. With hints of gold here and there (pendant lights above the bar and logos on the wall), the overall design exudes elegance. The lath panels, combined with the soft earthy tone on the wall, envelop the space like a warm coat. The dark ceiling, as well as the carpet with organic spheres, demonstrate boldness and make a clear statement. The desks with dark wooden tabletops and storage cabinets in clear-coated steel add an extra touch of flair. This is a boldly expressed space that we truly appreciate. We love it!

The final touches are being put on the i's and the completion in early December 2023 is getting closer, also so curious about the final result? Stay Tuned!!!